Praise and gratitude we pray the presence of Allah SWT for all His mercy and guidance we can still work and work to help in the field of education and humanity. With our greetings and prayers, we are praised to the Holy Prophet Rahmatan lil alamin Rasulullah Muhammad SAW who has brought us from the realm of darkness to a world full of knowledge.

In it’s third year, the 2021 Aceh Surgery Update will be held in conjunction with The 1st Indonesian General Surgeon Society (PABI), Aceh Chapter Meeting and The 1st Unsyiah Surgical Alumni Association (IABU) Annual Meeting, on December 06th – 08th December 2021 at Dr. Zainoel Abidin Hospital and Building D Multipurpose Auditorium F-MIPA Universitas Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh, with the theme of Tips and Traps in Emergency Surgical Daily Practice. The scientific program this time was very special with the presence of the Bali Medical Journal indexed by Web of Science in scientific publications for all topics presented, both in symposium sessions and free papers.

I would like to welcome all the experts who have been willing to attend to be the resource persons at this scientific event. A big thank you to all the committees and sponsors who helped to make this big activity a great success. Finally, I also welcome to all delegates, I hope you all get a high valuable scientific experience in the Banda Aceh, the City of Gemilang. Wassalam,Sincerely yours, Yopie Afriandi Habibie, MD, SpBTKV-E, FIHA, FICS, FACSChairman